Some FireWorks For The End Of The Year!


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The Final Of Final Websites

To begin With, Here are all the Websites That I have Created During This Semester

Greetings Assignment

Equations Assignment

Counting Coins Assignment

Timely Measurements Assignment

Black Jack Assignment

Prime Time Assignment

Waiting For The Weekend Assignment

A Few Of My Favorite Things Assignment

Dinner Plans Assignment

Silly Sentences Assignment

Design Scheme Assignment

Simon Says Assignment

Smile For The Canvas Assignment

Countdown Surprise Assignment

Interactive Menu Assignment

Digital Clock

Here's The Time If You Ever Need It

Speaking Of Time, Here You Can Calculate The Circumference Of A Circle Using The Hour!

Cool Right?

Below, You Will See Images Of My Relative's Imaginary Pharmacy

Click on each image to learn more!

*Please note that none of this information is actually factual.

Time For A Quick Game

Welcome to BlackJack

This game of blackjack will tell weather to hit or stay when you are dealed your cards.

Press reload to continue playing

The End