Yelp Reviews Of Websites That Teach Javascript!

1. Code Mentor

Codementor teaches Javascript very well, hence why I gave it 4.8 stars out of 5. It has many explanations that explain and describe Javascript and what it is used for. After a closer inspection, I saw that they can teach Javascript to those who have had experience with the programming language and those who are brand new to the world of Javascript. In their website, they promise a live mentor that will be able to provide instant feedback and answers to practically any question about Javascript. They also stated that the learners will be placed in small groups to interact with one another and help one another with their work. Lastly, they claimed that there will be hands-on-learning, which I believe is the single most important thing in learning javascript. Javascript can be thought of like a real language, like Spanish or English. People can learn these widely used languages if they practice speaking and writing it in their daily lives. Same goes with Javascript, Javascript can be fully learned when it has been practiced for a while. Javascript knowledge is not something that you could obtain through a paragraph or an essay. It has to be practiced and over time, anyone could essentially master it. Furthermore, this website has its disadvantages as well as its advantages. For example, it is a bit pricey to take up a Javascript course, hence why I didn’t make my rating 5. For nearly $100, you could take up a Javascript Master Class that would last 4 weeks. In the website’s defense, most websites that teach Javascript also charge a hefty price.To sum up, I would give this website a 4.8 out of 5 because it seems extremely promising, and I would recommend this to a friend.

2. Web Platform

Web Platform teaches Javascript in a unique way, or at least different from Codementor. Web Platform was created for those that has had a bit more experience with Javascript than the average person, however, it still includes a lot of the basics of Javascript. One very important key detail about Web Platform is that it has free courses, which comes as a surprise to me. However, my delight quickly came to an end because only the first 10 introductory courses were free, and to continue with the rest of the courses, you had to buy a paid account. Additionally, Web Platform teaches it users a variety of courses, such as HTML, Ruby, and Javascript in a simplistic way. They first teach their users through video lessons, which engages the listeners a lot more efficiently than text. Afterwards, they allow their users to practice Javascript through levels and they will receive feedback on their work. If a user is stuck, they can simply access a walkthrough of that level with a click of a button. Afterwards, they reward their users with points for successfully completing these Javascript lessons. Along the way, they can earn badges and at the end, they will be awarded a completion badge which will signify their success in completing the course. On top of all of these features, the users also have the ability to track their own progress to make sure they’re are on pace. I also read a few reviews of the courses that taught Javascript. Many said that Web Platform’s method and way of teaching Javascript worked out very well for them and they like it a lot more than other Javascript-teaching-websites. Clearly, many websites work a lot differently for everyone. Everyone learns and understands topics differently, and it happened to be that this website was very compatible with their devoted users. Overall, I would give this website a 4.5/5.

3. Code Combat

Personally, I believe that Codecombat teaches Javascript in the best way. It emcompases a real game with javascript. In order to progress in the game, you have to write correct lines of code to move your character to the spot he or she needs to be in. The courses are designed for those who have had experience on Javascript and those who have not have any experience in Javascript. This website mainly teaches Javascript through trial and error and as the game goes on, the levels get progressively harder and harder. Generally, this website teaches Javascript to younger programmers, such as Dylan, who is a 3rd grader in school. Dylan always wanted to learn coding and he did so through Codecombat. He used the website to gather basic Javascript skills through a fun and interactive game. Unfortunately, this website is not an ideal website to learn many complicated and intricate Javascript. On the other hand, it is a great place to start learning the basics of Javascript and how Javascript works. Codecombat teaches Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Bootstrap. Overall, I would give this website a 4.8 out of 5.