My Dream Vacation Spot

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Bora Bora is, literally, a dreamy wonderland. The water is as clear as glass and the sunsets are a real beaty. It is quite astonishing. That is why it is my dream vacation spot because I, for the time being, can only dream about being at a place like that. You might be wondering w here on Earth is this Bora Bora ? Well, let me tell you, it is an island legally owned by the French Polynesia. To be exact, it is right over here, next to the magnificient sunset...

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I am the type of guy that enjoys sightseeing, I love to see beatiful structures and places around the world. Even beaches. In fact, I'd rather stand and enjoy the breeze and beauty of the ocean at the border of the beach rather than go swimming. The first time I've heard of Bora Bora was a few years ago from my sister. My sister called me and showed me pictures of a majestical beach/resort. We did a little research, and we found that it was Bora Bora . We saw images of the ocean floor from above the water! It was almost unbelievable. The water, the skies. It was all really a blur from there. But I do clearly remember, that night, I was not able to stop thinking about that place. It became my goal and dream of mine to one day walk on those beaches.

One day, we could all get there in this ultra fast luxery ship.